Hello.  I’m Heidi.  If you ever read the book or watched the movie of the same name, you might have an image of me that perfectly describes…my opposite.  I don’t live in the Alps (although I do live on a hill.)   I don’t live with my grandfather (I live with my husband, my teenage daughter, and Winston, my golden retriever, and– never often enough to my liking– my older daughter visiting from college.)  And I most decidedly don’t have blond hair (mine is dark brown) worn in braids (not long or thick enough for that, I’m afraid.)  But, like Heidi of the book, I do love the sweet smelling air of the country, I love my friends and family, and (not sure if this is Heidi-of-the-book-like,)  I love to cook and share food with those I love.

Maybe because I spend so much time in the kitchen chopping, stirring and waiting for water to boil, I tend to think and dream a lot while I’m there.  I’d be honored if you’d stop by my site every so often to share a cup of tea or coffee with me.  I promise to reward you with a warm goodie or two and some good conversation.  Together we can gaze out my kitchen window into the woods beyond (we might spot a deer) and muse about life, love, and food.

Don’t be a stranger.  Winston and I await your visit!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Your photos are beautiful, Heidi, and evoke the beauty and serenity around you- what a nice touchstone for my day. -Thinking of your warmth, kindness and generosity for summertime passers-by. Love, Nancy

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