I’m still mad at the mums.  (See post of August 17, 2011.)  Therefore, in one final attempt to put them in their place until at least the middle of September, I am making a white nectarine salad today for lunch. It will include ricotta salata, fresh basil from my herb garden, and (take this, mums!) NATIVE heirloom tomatoes and slivers of NATIVE red onion. I am hoping this will be just the thing to ward off their evil grip on my awareness.
We’ll see.


Slices of white nectarines (or white peaches, your call)
Slices of native tomato, preferably heirloom
Thin slices of red onion
Fresh basil leaves
Ricotta Salata, crumbled (feta would also work)
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
Fresh basil leaves

1. Assemble first set of ingredients.
2. Sprinkle with salt and pepper (seems counterintuitive for a fruit salad, right?)
3. Drizzle with EVOO and scatter basil leaves.
4. Scoff at mums.

2 thoughts on “LAST GASP OF SUMMER?

    • Thanks for your comment Swim-Mom! Ricotta salata is a firm, very white cheese that flakes easily, making it great for salads. It is salted rather than brined like feta. I use it interchangeably with feta and goat cheese in all kinds of summer salads. (Any of the three are also good on top of pasta sauced simply with EVOO, salt and pepper, with maybe a little sauteed garlic thrown in. And, if you have any tomatoes laying around, rough chop them up and throw them in too!) It is available at my local Stop &Shop and at Whole Foods. If you try it, definitely let me know what you think!

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